Amelia Training

Employee Panel Overview: This video shows how to login to the Employee Booking Panel in Amelia Booking, and gives an overview of the different sections.

Managing Appointments: This video shows how to manage appointments, such as viewing appointment details, approving appointments, and rescheduling appointments.

Employee Profile Section: This video gives a quick overview of the different areas of the Employee Profile Section, where you can change your Amelia Account details, and set your Working Hours and Days Off.

Working Hours: This video shows you how to set your Working Hours: the hours you are available for appointment bookings.

Days Off: This video shows you how to set your Days Off: days off when you are not available for appointment bookings. This overrides the days set in your Working Hours, so you can specify days off, without changing your Working Hours.

Changing Your Password: This video shows you where to find the form to change your password for the Employee Booking Panel.